A downloadable Blazigun(Beta_Test)

this game is my first game. its similar to space invaders but harder. hope you enjoy... since its in beta there might be a few bugs and exploits. if you find any report them to me. hope you have fun :) also to bring up the local-leader-board(there isnt an online one yet) press enter

Install instructions

Just Download. Save it to desktop. and run :) this game is made with game maker 8. but it doesn't require game maker to run it

(new beta versions will be uploaded to this site, up to 3 days after ive made them out. so i can make sure that the updates are worth posting)


BlaziGun 1.7.1!!!! Yay.exe 2 MB


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I'm super confused. I don't think the game actually works.

also leave all bug/glitch/exploit reports here

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